Little Feather

Hidden between big brothers

in the community of the eagle

Did little Feath live

Intimidated but surrounded

No one knew his worth

Only the great bird did

For while he’d pick the others roughly

He’d handle him with care

Then came the moment

When the eagle was to moult

The removal of the old

For replacement by the new

To the highest mountain did run

To every feather remove…but one

Little feath; little feather

Now the mighty one.

But in all of this dwells a lesson

One for true sorrow of heart

For the feeling of worthlessness

And the feeling of greatness

That in the end of all things

Death is inevitable

But so is growth

With changing of settings

The smallest becomes the greatest.

Poem by Master Ebenezer Ndu

Vicious Cycle

Adeola drives through the open gate. “Imoh don’t worry”, he says. “Next month, sure thing. No hurry, I’ll pay.”
“The look on Imoh’s face, he totally avoids. And to soothe his aching conscience; “Get you some food from the kitchen”.
Alighting at the market square, it seems his tyre is a bit less.
He bends to check; swoosh! and gasp!
He snatches and runs.
He chases and catches.
His phone in his hands:
Dealt blow makes face swollen. Another; he stumbles and falls over in sync with his hood, erstwhile his mask of a sort.
Argh! It’s Imoh’s son; whom he owes five months’ salary.
Angry face becomes straight, then flushes from a hanging caput.
Guilt and shame are what anger becomes when brewed with the conviction of one’s avarice and expediency. But only if the yeast of conscience is still active.


My first advice on 2019’s last day

When they said “the sky is your limit” the sky seemed so far. Who’d know that man would go beyond the skies?

Till the Wright brothers made that right decision. Have you made yours today?

The year is ending…but not the end. It can be a beginning of new things that you’d never imagine. God says, “I will do a new thing.”

Stop basking in the past’s euphoria. Stop borrowing from tomorrow’s Sunshine. Just make the most of today… and you’ll see in good time that the future is bright.


If she leaves and you tell me ,”after all I spent on her”, if he leaves you and you tell me, “after all I “gave” him”… wait. Is anything wrong with you? No! Something is definitely wrong with you!

What you gave him, took you not? Didn’t you bask in every erotic moment you shared. Why do you now miss, if you didn’t enjoy. So realize that he gave too. What if you see him thanking God for saving him from temptation, then wouldn’t you both be villains to each other?

What about your pride, Brother, that got massaged by looking at her accept those gifts? That feeling of a real man. Now, that is a kind of libido y’all ladies don’t know this!

What if she accepted them ‘Cause you’ll feel bad if she passed?

All ye capitalistic lovers. Please know that Love is blind and let that sink in right well.


Or let mind rule emotion and love be an action independent of the reaction. A one-sided decision, hoping for reciprocation. And if it doesn’t come, be content that you loved indeed. If in that alone at least, be a follower of Christ. And have your peace…and let me be.


In Gen. 3, when God came to the fallen world, though man could still see the Sun, He saw the Earth as without the Light which preceded the Sun (of Righteousness)- the creation story…

Such that “The Light” and other lights like the Sun must not necessarily coexist.

Therefore, with there gifts all in full display, you shall not know “them”, but by their fruit; not by their gifts. As a song leader, this hits differently. That is to say; RIGHTEOUSNESS and not just RELIGIOUSNESS is what makes up “Pure religion and undefiled ”.

When God looks at your life, does He see the light? …or just a form of godliness-rays of the created sun?

Happy Sabbath

God looks like me

Imagine the second of the wise men who came to see Baby Jesus. Imagine he looks at Jesus, smiles and tells his mom, “His nose looks like yours.” You know what that would mean? He would have been saying, “God took after you”. The creator copied your nose into His DNA. When God was inseminating you with the divine life, He allowed Himself to look like you. He left some traces of you; God can be traced to you.

Think about it for a moment. Do you think you can replicate it?

A story is told about a group of missionaries who experienced a storm in the process of which one of them got lost at sea. As they could not find him, they mourned him and kept in their way, finally settling and preaching in a particular island.

After a few years, they sailed across to reach out to another Island on the sea. They spoke of Jesus, describing him with all the good attributes we all know Him for. To their surprise, the islanders said they could show them the Jesus they were describing that He lived among them for a few years now. They took them to a house and there they met their lost co-missionary, he had been washed ashore that island while still alive and had lived such a life among the people that upon hearing about Jesus Christ, they would say, “He looks just like him.”

Well spoke the St Francis of Assisi when he said, “Speak the gospel in season and out of season, and when necessary , use words.” Jesus said we shall be known by our fruit (works; character) not our words.

1 John 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Or do I say, “He shall be like us”?

Who resembles you?

ChiQlin Wearables


Not too long ago, by God’s grace, I took a step and created a shoe brand called ChiQlin Wearables. My model? I design, and make footwear and clothings.
Our sub-products (including clothes and dress shoes and crossover tops) are yet to see the light of day. Yet I am certain that great men like you love to be seen in modest yet classy attires: the sparkling look!
As we grow, we wish to start an all-deaf/destitute outfit called Renascent Education Ministries. We’ll empower and employ beggars–particularly single, homeless mothers and their children, and our jobless special-needs prospects–by training them in shoe-making and sewing.

We’re already making progress. At our country home in Abia State, we have an almost completed building with enough rooms for boarding space and halls waiting to be maximized.
How? We plan to:
– Bring…

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I watch as saints to church, repair.

And take, each one, his seat; her chair.

I watch as we begin to sing.

Like angels, hear our voices ring.

The word was opened; that great gold-rimmed Bible.

And bend the knee, in praise and awe .

Our supplications, at His feet to pour.

Worship lingered, though.

Because this very session had paraphernalia in plethora;

Announcement list made it all the more longer! *sighs*

See saints become restless.

See them lose their patience;

Fuss and whine,

And check the time,

As though they’d been in church forever.

Finally, there mounts the preacher.

Standing and beginning to speak.

Feel the Word perfuse every element in the room,

Except the minds of saints that once did sing.

I watch as heads begin to bow,

Each head upon the pew before.

As if to pray, but “no” I say,

“The church had bowed not but to sleep”.

Well, sermon did, in time, wear out,

And Word had come to but a few.

I waited for them to all be awakened,

By deacon or usher or maybe, one another.

Alas, I saw the church arise,

Spontaneous as they slept before.

Arise to sound of the “Amen”,

By which we marked the sermon’s end.

‘Tis then alone, did I realize,

’tis not but the work of Satan himself.

He put his sinister hand, so cold upon church member.

Till singing saints became many pairs of sleepers.

So, please I say to saints that hear;

Arise, O! Saint, watch and pray.


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